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Working & Recreational Ranches / Water Rights /
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Soward’s Chavez Creek

Posted on: September 1st, 2023 by

695 pristine acres, heavily watered by live creek and feeder creek. High elevation with open meadows mixed among good timber. This is where Aspens Quake and Grouse have to hide from the abundant Elk. Hungry Trout take grasshoppers floating on topwater of smooth stream pools. This is heavenly, superb hunting! Have you heard of the Mundy Buck? So yes, beside the ELK, this is Big Mule Deer Country with Turkey and Black Bear too. Speaking to the wildlife factor, it is all here like no place I’ve ever been. Many of the meadows “seep” and feel sub-irrigated. NO CONSERVATION EASEMENT. NO COVENANTS OR RESTRICTIONS. Grazing is currently leased, as is hunting in some fashion. Details to follow. 10,500 feet elevation at the end of a pretty road behind several locked gates. In broker’s Suburban, it is about an hour, picnic-style-fun ride from blacktop. In broker’s Polaris Ranger, it is a good 20 minutes shorter. There are high, vast views back toward Heron Lake to the west from the access road. Some of the boundaries are fenced. A few other property owners apparently have legal passage across the main two-track road crossing the northeast side of the property. No public land here! This is large-parcel, private-landowner territory. This land lies northeast of the Mundy Ranch. Its northernmost point touches 30,000+ acres of Jicarilla Apache Land. Are you a solitary angler? Do you prefer to control your hunting grounds? Someone’s search ends here. Someone’s dreams come true.