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Walker & Martin have joined Fay Ranches, Inc.  Now Team Walker & Martin, we reach an even bigger audience!

Greg_photoGreg Walker has been a real estate broker since 1989.  He grew up in Eastern New Mexico in the farm and ranch community of Clovis, where one of his grandfathers arrived with the railroad before New Mexico’s statehood.  His other grandfather lived his entire life as a cattleman on the Nueces River of South Texas on the ranch where he was born.  While exploring the geography in-between, Greg earned a film and television degree from SMU in Dallas, then cut his real estate teeth in the Texas Hill Country around Austin.  In early years, he had fun managing a recording studio and working on records for LeAnn Rimes, but his love for the land and real estate deals is what directed his life.  Eventually founding Corrales Realty, Greg sold upper-end homes in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for 17 years.  And during this time, his rural roots and fascination with rivers led him into ranch sales.  Today, with over 500 transactions under his belt as a broker, Greg works from South Denver focusing on destination ranches in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Always moved by the breaks and canyons of the high plains, his passion for southwestern rivers came naturally.  In the arid southwest where sky determines and water is life, recognizing the preciousness of river takes very little logic.  In keeping, Greg believes with certainty that there is no better real estate to invest in than river property.  Moreover, he gets excited by places where cattle grazing meets herds of elk, mule deer, and antelope. is where he shares his work and discovery.

Robert Martin grew up on the family farm in Curry County near Clovis, New Mexico.  His great grandparents were homesteaders in Curry and Roosevelt counties and his grandfather ran the horse auction in Clovis for 50 years.  Robert attended Texas Tech University and received a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering.  After working for ARCO Oil and Gas in Midland and Odessa, he returned home and managed the family farm for 15 years.  Watching the Ogallala Aquifer decline rapidly over those years, Robert and his father made the difficult decision to sell their irrigated farm while it was still highly productive.  When the farm sold in 2000, Robert followed his childhood dream and went back to college earning a master’s degree in biology from Eastern New Mexico University.

Working as a wildlife biologist on research projects in Eastern New Mexico and as a high school science teacher, Robert was invited to join the staff of The Nature Conservancy in 2008.  A good fit for his skills, eventually he was relocated to TNC’s headquarters in Santa Fe where his duties as Stewardship Ecologist included everything from playa restoration and protection programs to landowner outreach, and his work roles and responsibilities ranged from amphibian conservation to land protection to energy issues.

Robert’s love for native wildlife and the outdoors has always drawn him to the streams, rivers, playas, and riparian areas of the west.  Thus investing in western water real estate came naturally for him and it was no surprise his boot steps added value as soon as they touched the ground.  Robert’s background in wildlife biology coupled with his extensive farm & ranch experience formed the foundation of his belief that a ranch can be managed for optimal wildlife habitat while still maintaining a quality livestock operation.  His skill in the field is complimented by a graceful, hands-on approach to land management.  Furthermore, he is extremely familiar with government assistance programs available from NRCS and USFWS, as well as conservation easements and their tax incentives, and considers all of these good tools to help landowners become better stewards.

Greg_and_RobertFriends since early childhood, Greg and Robert have owned and operated a working cattle ranch together in Guadalupe County, New Mexico since 2004.  Their ranch is enrolled in the Conservation Stewardship Program, much of which is focused on the restoration of aquatic and riparian wildlife habitat on over five miles of Pecos River. Both married, their ranching business is family business, and wives and children are involved.

When it comes to discussing “recreational value”, Greg and Robert have been hunting, fishing, and exploring the back country of New Mexico and Colorado their entire lives.  They really get it.  And beyond a shared attraction to the Southwest’s most interesting places, they share solid character and work ethic.

Doubly powerful when combined, their personalities and backgrounds make them very effective ranch brokers.  Call them.  You will find them enthusiastic about helping you with your real estate needs.